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Nine Lessons & Carols Sunday 21st December @ 3pm 

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means preparation for the coming of God. This preparation means repentance, a change of attitude from one of fear and protectiveness to one of faith, generosity and courage. After all, Christmas celebrates the coming of God in conditions of great insecurity and danger. Advent teaches how to engage with that, as we look at John the Baptist's call to repentance and at Mary's obedience to God when she heard the angel and consented to be the mother of Jesus. Advent helps us to understand that Christmas is not just about being generous to the family, but  is about finding God where there is poverty, suffering, injustice and violence, and being generous there as well. Advent helps us realise that faith is not just about feelings but about risky obedience to God. This is what underlies all the celebrations at Leeds Minster this month, which we are delighted to share with all who come.

Canon Charles Dobbin


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