Why worship?

Worship brings us together, takes us out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and helps us to reaffirm and understand more about our faith.

Individuals inevitably differ to an extent in their understanding of what that faith is, but our common worship is a shared act which brings us together in unity and community. Anyone can join in, and you can participate in different ways (or just listen and take it in). It's being there that counts.

Service Times...

What is worship?

Worship is a series of actions (known as a liturgy) that express and help deepen our spirituality - our relationships with God and with each other. Most services have at least some of the following elements:

  • Confession: an expression of contrition for the ways we have hurt or let down our fellow human beings and the world, and in so doing have hurt or let down God. This expression is followed by the assurance and reiteration of God's forgiveness and love, the fundamental tenet of Christian faith.
  • Praise: a joyful expression - often in song - of our thankfulness for God, and acknowledgment of his compelling place in our lives.
  • Learning: readings from scripture and a sermon to help us understand more about our faith. This may be accompanied by reflection or meditation, sometimes through reciting or singing the Psalms (ancient poetic texts from the Jewish faith).
  • Intercession: prayers bringing before God the needs of the world, people we love, the Church, and ourselves.
  • Hymns: communal singing of texts which express all these different parts of our spirituality in poetry and music

Worship often takes a ritual form, following a fixed pattern and the same words. This allows our active minds to calm down and to make way for our deeper spiritual selves.

Much of our worship is musical, as has always been the case right back to the earliest known forms of Jewish worship. For many people singing is a heightened form of self-expression, appropriate to our encounters with God. Music is integral to the spirituality of many, because it has the ability to speak to parts of our emotional landscape that words fail to reach, and can articulate feelings where words fail us. Choral Evensong, in particular, brings this blend of word and music, creating a space for contemplation and reflection.

Worship feeds our souls and sets us right to return to our daily lives, better equipped to live as followers of Jesus Christ.